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Frequently Asked

Questions & Answers


Q: What is AGrip™... rubber, neoprene, an abrasive, or what?

A: AGrip is new, and it works differently than gripping materials of the past. AGrip is a special fiberous hybrid material designed and engineered specifically for the requirements of combat handgun gripping needs. AGrip was invented by Brooks W. Speier, founder and CEO of Brooks Tactical Systems the exclusive manufacturer of AGrip material. The making of AGrip is a very closely guarded secret. Don't be fooled. If it doesn't originate from Brooks Tactical Systems, then you haven't got AGrip. Nothing else even comes close. AGrip is super easy on the hands, totally non-abrasive, super durable, and extremely resistant to splitting, tearing, abrasion, and wear. AGrip won't crack. AGrip is also resistant to oils and solvents, but it is best to avoid soaking your AGrip in solvents or oils. If you do, rinse or wash them out with water and a little dishsoap, then blot with paper towel and brush to bring up the nap.

Q: What does AGrip feel like? Is Agrip comfortable to carry against my skin?

A: AGrip feels soft and slightly fuzzy, kind of like very short velvet or synthetic suede. This makes it very comfortable to carry against the skin, and also easy to grab quickly... but when gripped with about the pressure of a handshake, AGrip locks right into your hand until the moment you release it.

Q: Will AGrip grab or hang-up on my clothing: Will Agrip wear holes in my clothes?

A: AGrip will not grab, hang-up on, or tear holes in your clothing like rubber, synthetic rubber, or "skateboard tape" will. AGrip is completely different. Clothing slides right off AGrip.

Q: How is AGrip attached? Is AGrip a "slip-on" grip? Can AGrip be repositioned easily?

A: AGrip sticks on easily with a special space age pressure sensitive adhesive that cures over time and use. AGrip is very forgiving allowing itself to be peeled back and repositioned repeatedly for easy installation. Properly applied, AGrip will not shift, move, or twist on your gun like a "slip-on" grip. As a matter of fact, AGrip can be applied over a slip-on grip to keep the slip-on grip from shifting position and to obtain the benefits of both grips.

Q: Can AGrip be removed easily?

A: AGrip will not peel off unless you want it to, but if you do want it off... it will peel right off, clean and easy, without solvents, and without leaving any messy adhesive residue.

Q: Will AGrip work with sweaty or wet hands? How well does Agrip work when wet?

A: Yes... AGrip works even better with sweaty or wet hands! AGrip even works all wet. AGrip prevents your gun from "walking" in your hand especially during rapid firing with heavy recoil. That means more shots on target.

Q: Will AGrip help protect my hand from blisters, abrasions, and cuts?

A: Yes. AGrip helps prevent blisters, abrasions, and cuts by covering rough or sharp surfaces and edges. AGrip is also a fantastic insulator from heat or cold. In addition, AGrip will even help protect your hand from catastrophic firearm failure accidents.

Q: Will AGrip still work with oily or greasy hands?

A: Yes... AGrip works even with oily or greasy hands... but we don't recommend putting oil or grease on your hands or AGrip before using Agrip. Oil and grease attracts dirt. Oil and grease can build up with dirt eventually preventing optimum gripping potential. It's best to keep your AGrip clean by periodically washing your AGrip with warm soapy water so your AGrip will be ready in the future extreme.

Q: Will AGrip enlarge the size of the guns grip making it too large for small hands?

A: No... AGrip is very thin, only about 1/48 of an inch. For small hands AGrip actually in effect makes your gun grip feel smaller. AGrip allows you to hold on strong with much less strength, although it is still very important to keep your wrist stiff for your gun to cycle properly.

Q: Will AGrip fit the newer finger-grooved Glock® frames?

A: Yes, AGrip is very forgiving and will conform to the finger grooves easily and perfectly.

Q: Will AGrip fit over an extended magazine release button on Glock® Pistols?

A: Yes, just follow the directions that come with AGrip and give the AGrip a little extra stretch when wrapping over the mag release button.

Q: Why does AGrip cover the magazine release button on Glock® and Kel-Tec® model pistols?

A: AGrip covers over the magazine release button on Glock® and Kel-Tec® pistols with 2 layers of AGrip material in order to make the button easier on your thumb or finger to push, but less likely to release inadvertently. With the button covered, it can be released from virtually any angle. This covering does not in any way adversely affect the proper functioning of the gun, rather, AGrip improves and makes an already highly reliable magazine release button system even more reliable. In addition, by covering the opposite end of the magazine release button, AGrip, in effect, slightly increases the spring resistance of the button, thereby reducing the possibility of "bumping the button" and inadvertently releasing the magazine. AGrip does this without any modifications to the gun itself.

Q: What if I want to trim my AGrip? Is AGrip easily trimmed and customized?

A: Yes, AGrip can be trimmed in any manner you see fit as long as it does not adversely affect the proper functioning of the gun. Just remember "form follows function" and be sure to use sharp, quality made tools.

Although radically different, all of AGrip's features are very completely thought out, designed, and tested, long before manufacture. Reliability concerns are a very big part of that process. At Brooks Tactical Systems we are always trying to improve our products for you. We at Brooks Tactical Systems strongly recommend that you go out and thoroughly test AGrip in the same environment and conditions that your gun will be subjected to before doing any modifications to AGrip in any way, this is the way AGrip was concieved, designed, tested, and came to be the proven product it is today.

Q: How well does AGrip handle freezing weather and ice?

A: When all your other equipment feels cold, your AGrip will feel warm and will quickly warm up more in your hand. As for freezing, AGrip has been tested by first soaking with water an AGrip wrapped GLOCK (Model 20) with full 15 round magazine in place, then freezing it solid, then soaking and freezing it solid again in order to build up an ice covering. After all this the gun was pulled back out of the freezer, the magazine release button was pressed, and it functioned perfectly as the magazine was removed even though incased in ice. There was no damage to either the AGrip or the gun in any way. AGrip passed the test with flying colors and so did the Glock!

Q: Will AGrip work for me if my hands are large and in need of something to fill my hand?

A: Yes... AGrip gives you more to hold on to as it increases the traction surface area in relation to your hand. In addition, a filler (firm foam, rubber, plastic, or wood, for example,) can be used under AGrip in order to create a palm swell, thumb rest, or finger grooves. Super soft foam or rubber is not recommended for this purpose on pistols as these materials can allow the gun to "squirm" in your hand upon firing.

It is also important to know, before doing any modifications, whether or not you're gripping your pistol properly in your hand, and also to determine whether your future might hold the need to shoot your gun with your weak hand, before making changes to a handles shape. What fits the right hand may not fit the left! In addition, with finger grooves on a pistol when doing a "quick draw," especially in a life threatening situation, it's entirely possible to grab your gun with your fingers in the wrong position causing any number of serious problems. We can't emphasize enough the need for "practice, practice, practice..."

Q: Can I wrap AGrip over a "slip-on" grip?

A: Yes, many people do with great results. AGrip is very "forgiving" material, and will fit over a slip-on grip easily. AGrip will also prevent the slip-on grip from shifting around on the gun and will enable you gain the benefits of both products.

Q: Will using AGrip help improve my shooting accuracy and control?

A: Yes... Aside from your gun, the ammunition it "likes" to shoot, and any flinching or other movements detrimental to good accuracy, the way you hold your gun in relation to your wrist and forearm, and your ability to grip your gun without it slipping, "walking," or otherwise moving in your hand is probably the next most important factor effecting where your shots will go.

Q: Will using AGrip help improve my shot to shot predictability?

A: Yes... Since with AGrip your gun will not shift or otherwise change position in your hand while firing, if you know where your first shot went, you know where the rest of them are going to go.

Q: How might i determine the proper hold on my handgun?

A: To determine proper hold, first, be absolutely certain that your gun is completely empty, chamber empty, and not loaded with the magazine removed. Be sure also that your gun is always pointed in a safe direction.

Point your finger and thumb, with the same hand, at the same time, at a target with your fingers, web of the hand, wrist, forearm, and the axis of your elbow joint, all in natural comfortable alignment with your point of aim. Next, while keeping your "natural pointing alignment," keeping your trigger finger and thumb straight, place the gun in your hand and align the sights/slide/barrel with your natural pointing alignment. Now wrap your fingers around the front of the guns grip. Do this without trying to reach around the front of the gun to "grab more grip." The gun should be positioned in your hand so that when the gun recoils, it recoils straight into the web of your hand, between your index finger and thumb knuckles, directly in line with your forearm and natural pointing alignment.

Alignment of your gun with your natural pointing alignment is critical to obtaining and maintaining good accuracy and recoil control, especially when point shooting or when follow-up shots are required with harder kicking guns. It is important that when you fire your gun your gun kicks back directly into the web of your hand, directly in line with your forearm, and does not twist your wrist causing your shots to go to the right or left of the target. It is not important at this point whether or not your gun's grip fills your hand. You might find that you can fit a pencil between the palm of your hand and the gun grip. Note the position of your fingers at this time. Can you freely place your finger on the trigger without "reaching" and can you squeeze the trigger without "binding" your fingers? Can you easily get your trigger finger out of the trigger guard? Is you trigger finger travel being hindered by your thumb?

Watching the front sight alignment, can you comfortably squeeze the trigger hard straight back without the front sight moving to the right or left, up or down of the rear sight?

Experiment with the exact way your fingers wrap around the gun. You may find that it's easier to hold your gun more with the ends of your fingers rather than trying to reach your fingers around to "grab more of the grip" as is commonly done with heavy recoil when the grip becomes slippery from water, sweat, or oil.

If one reaches too far around the grip, the gun can become improperly angled in the hand. Upon firing, the gun can both twist the wrist and kick back on the thumb knuckle, sometimes causing abrasions, blistering, and even bleeding. Also, if your finger gets stuffed too far inside the trigger guard it can cause loss of trigger control.

AGrip allows holding less surface area with much more control, especially with sweaty or wet hands. With AGrip, weak or small hands can take full advantage of larger, more powerful guns and other tools like never before.


"AGrip™is the most inexpensive way to increase accuracy, secure control, and improve handling, without any modifications, all in one simple and easy, unconditionally guaranteed product."

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